BlueDevil 1.2 RC1 released

04 Aug 2011

After a few months of development the Solid team is proud to announce the first release candidate of BlueDevil 1.2


Action Plugins

  • Added support for DUN
  • Added support for PANU
  • A few description changed
  • Fixed the Category mess we had in the .desktop


  • Show known devices first
  • Perform discovery in the background
  • Fixed the mimetype mess we had
  • Will work when started without Bluetooth activated


  • Added another OUI for Apple Wireless Mice
  • Auto select Mouse's


  • Be able to use Return or Enter to introduce PIN


  • Use Configure icon on the configure option


  • Use KMessageWidget if compiled against 4.7
Things to test:
Please, focus the testing in kio_bluetooth since it has been almost rewritten
We hope you enjoy it and cheers from Barajas airport (Madrid) destination Berlin via Munich.

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