• Summary of last 6 months:

    More or less 6 months ago I put myself a list of objective to accomplish in KDE, so far these are the results:


    • Bluetooth: We've been working hard in the last release of BlueDevil (1.1), now we can say that more or less KDE has a good Bluetooth support :)!
    • Webcam: Kamoso 2.0 has been released, and with it rock solid support to do the basics such Take a picture, or Record a video.
    • XRandR: The job has been started, I've in a private repository a fork of xrandrtray libraries, and the "configuration" has been decoupled from the actual XRandR code. More important I have a plan for it now.
    • LibSolid Async: Nothing on this area, -10 for me :(
    • Kevin Ottens former maintainer and overlord of Solid is transferring to me the responsibility, challenge accepted!

    Zeroconf and Friends:

    • Samba has been fixed by rbelem (Rodrigo Belem), there is no place for me there :p
    • NFS support has been removed (by rbelem too), it has no place between modern user-land protocols.
    • UPnP: The work on UPnP is about to be merged, I haven't touch a line though I've read a lot about it.
    • Avahi: KDE Already has a good support for Avahi, though we've to improve how we present it to the user. No plans here and I won't be working on it anytime soon.


    • Almost nothing... Though I'm still willing to work on it starting by analyzing the current situation.

    I have to say that I'm quite proud of myself though I haven't accomplish everything I wanted since right now my priority is my "real life" job.

    Anyway, next post is going to be about what I'm going to do for the next 6 months... stay tuned!

  • Bits of Platform11

    Tomorrow we will be all leaving towards our respective homes and platform11 will be formally done, though the work is far to be finished. In this blogspot I'm not going to talk about that though :p

    I'm going to talk about how important these events are beyond the technical expects and what I'm going to say applies to my experience in this sprint.

    • You can "Put faces" to people, you're no longer talking to "dfaure" or "apachelloger" or... you're talking to a person, you know how they're and more or less how they think, and that makes the communication much more efficient.
    • Brotherhood is enhanced, after don't let anyone sleep because there are 3 people in a "snoring championship" you get some confidence with the group :p this improve the way we work.
    • Knowledge is transfered: Do you know the reason why KToolInvocation is using KLaunch to execute apps and at the same time KLaunch is using kdeinit ? I didn't know before a dinosaur told me the reason :p
    • Unify positions: During this sprint I've seen people saying NO! to something end up by saying yes, the amount of things that can be discussed in person are way bigger than via email or irc.
    • Fast integration feel for newcomers: People that have been contributing into KDE for month's or even years started the sprint saying: You have to... When you... and end up saying: We have to... When we...

    So, to sump up:

    Sprints are NOT only about core, are also about People and because of that, they're extremely important for the health of KDE.

    Thanks you all that make possible to organize such events, and particularly thanks for Joining the game!

  • I can't find myself :/ though I can be anybody else

    At the beginning of the Randa sprint (platform11, multimedia, kdevelop, nepomuk) we were given a badge so other people can see who we are and so on. One day (maybe two) after that, somebody started to exchange them until the point that I've been around 30different persons in 2 days xD.

    Yesterday I started to look for myself again since I like to keep this things but seems that nobody has it :/ maybe somebody throw me to the trash? xD is impressive how small things like this can become incredibly funny when you're in this kind of events.


    This is clearly not me :p


  • Kamoso 2.0 Velázquez released

    We're proud to announce the final version of Kamoso Velázquez, the KDE picture/video retriever !

    In this release we've focused all the effort on getting the most stable release possible, and so far we think that we've reached that goal until it's matching our expectatives. This version is more important than what it seems, with this release we're making a new technology switch towards QtGstreamer, a technology that we hope will allow us to offer a stable, consistent and scalable application.

    These are the main features of Kamoso 2.0:

    • Take pictures from your webcam
    • Record videos from your webcam
    • Per device video settings
    • Support for multiple cameras
    • Upload the pictures  directly to facebook (need kipi-plugins)
    • Upload the videos to youtube

    The source tarball can be downloaded from:


    md5: c2125e3cbe10ddc397ec4308891a9f4c
    sha1: 3eb081446cb1a4ced6602f01cc3209fb188d0b96


  • BlueDevil 1.1, Three different ways of sending files.

    Let's talk about "File Sending" in BlueDevil 1.1, and area that has been highly improved in this version.

    We had mainly three complains about the 1.0 version:

    1. The wizard was too complicated with too many pages bko
    2. No way of sending files via Terminal or from other Apps
    3. No way of sending files from Konqueror/Dolphin

    I'd like to remark one thing before continuing, the first point of the list was reported in a proper way in the right place, by adding a bug in http://bugs.kde.org , and the process until we get the right solution was "beautiful", getting feedback from a different user of who reported the bug int he first place. So please! instead of comment blogs, if you want to be sure that you feature is not going to get lost, report it on the bko, we will be glad to help you in any way we can.

    So, let's start by showing the old wizard process:

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="BlueDevil old send files"]BlueDevil old send files[/caption]

    All that have been reduced to:

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="New wizard single step"]New wizard single step[/caption]

    Quite an improvement, eh? idea inspired by Martin Koller at bko

    Then, we had the terminal/application problem, solved by adding 2 new options:

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="New terminal options"]New terminal options[/caption]


    And finally, we get to one of the most requested features, sending files from konqueror and dolphin !

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="Dolphin sending bluetooth files"]Dolphin sending bluetooth files[/caption]

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="Konqui sending files!"]Konqui sending files![/caption]

    We hope you like the changes and as always the mandatory video:
    Direct Link

    See you in the next post: BlueDevil 1.1, The new Pairing Wizard