• What a small thing. what a great improvement (configure your font settings)

    Hi there! no, this post is not about Kbluetooth nor KTuberling or any development/technical stuff, is more a user-like post, so common! keep reading this time :)

    A few days ago, I was in the office with ereslibre showing something to him (I don't remember what), when he noticed something in my desktop that he didn't liked, my fonts. I laughed quite a lot because I thought that it was a "Yet Another Small Detail That Ereslibre Cares Of". I let him modify my settings so I could say later to him: you see? this thing has not improved my user experience in any way. But as you probably guessed by now, I was terribly wrong.

    What's more, now I'm pushing everybody I know which uses KDE to setup the same configuration I have. I don't really know what the hell the parameters I modify means, but what I know is that now I'm happier with my desktop.

    The famous settings are:

    • Font: Dejavu Sans
    • Use anti-aliasing: Enabled
    • (Click on configure)
    • Use sub-pixel rendering: RGB
    • Hinting style: Slight

    In screenshots (so you can extrapolate it to your language):

    Set the font and enable the anti-aliasing:

    Fonts settings 1

    Click on configure and set the subpixel rendering:

    Fonts settings 2

    Set the hinting styke:

    Fonts settings 3

    The last KDE user I "moved" to these settings has needed 1 day to notice the changes, so just do it and wait :)

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  • Fulfilling promises, Apple Wireless Keyboard working with KBluetooth

    Hi fellow users and developers, sooner than I thought, I have more things to share with you about KBluetooth, so let's go :)

    Happens that month's ago Apol lent me his Apple Wireless Keyboard so I can give support to it in KBluetooth. After small research I concluded that the keyboard wasn't standard, so I just pull it over. Then, a few days ago, Ereslibre was playing with a Gnome and I decided to try to pair the Apple keyboard using the Gnome Bluetooth System, and guess what... it worked !

    So, today, I decided do not go to sleep until I got it working, and here I am, 03:12 and writting this entry with that keyboard :)

    This feature, should fix the keyboard pairing completely, not matter if your keyboard is the Apple one or not.

    This feature will be available in the next version (0.5) together with a new Wizard and maybe a new (or at least improved) device manager.

    If you can test your "non-working" keyboard with the trunk version and give me some feedback, I'll be very appreciated :)

    Cya and Happy Hacking!

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  • As promised, KBluetooth 0.4.2


    Here comes the (hopefully) last version of KBluetooth stable branch. The change list is not very huge (only fixes) but if there is something I'm glad to have fixed is the speed calculation of the file transfers, it was so annoying for me to see the text blinking ;(


    • Fix speed calculation when receiving and sending filesI
    • Pairing request are accepted also when clicking on Trust button
    • Important dialogs are modal, so they're not hidden by other applications
    • Fix a crash that happens when the sender device disconnects before the file transfer is accepted

    A small note, the Modals will be removed in the next version, this is a bug fix release so the less code I change, the better.

    Today I'll start to work on 0.5 more intensively, starting by adding a2dp support.

    KBluetooth file transfer

    See you!

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  • Yet Another Delayed FOSDEM Entry

    With a week of delay (almost) is time to write my sum up of FOSDEM, which by the way was my first one.

    Friday 05/02/2010:

    Wake up at 3:00 AM to take a cab to go to Barajas airport, I have to say that Gate 2 is uglier than the Gate 2 of El prat airport (and smaller), but one point in favor is that it was full of power sources :p

    Once in Brussels, Kiko, Victor and Oscar were waiting for me, I got some stress because of the airport distribution, is like labyrinth! Then usual route in that kind of travels, Breakfast->Hotel->Launch->FOSDEM beer event. A well, between Launch and FOSDEM we went to Brussels MIDI to met Aleix pol (apol).

    About the FOSDEM beer event, I'm not going to say anything new, lot of good beer, a lot of hackers around and good chat. Maybe I was expecting more free beer :(

    Saturday 06/02/2010:

    Mueheh perhaps because I was excited for my first FOSDEM, everything look wonderful to me, and one small detail I'm still enjoining was the way the donations were done: they gave us a receipt so it looked more like more official/serious.

    Aleix pol has already blogged about kamoso appearing in the opensuse stand, it was a good surprise! (I can not image what the people of opensuse were thinking when apol and I started to laughing and taking pictures xD).

    Something I found weird (and disappointed me) was that the Mandriva ppl didn't have any computer with KDE :/

    About the talks, we were in KDE room almost all the day, so there's not much to say about.

    Sunday 07/02/2010:

    This day had a proper noun, Andrew_S._Tanenbaum, this is a short summary but it made my day. Another interesting thing was my chat with Will Stephenson about Bluetooth+KDE, I'm sure that what we discussed will have good effects in the KDE Bluetooth world.

    Small note for future FOSDEM newbies: wearing a t-shirt of a project in which you are not involved IS NOT A GOOD IDEA! the people will think that you're a developer of it and will start to ask you a lot of questions xD!

    Mental note: Next year bring KDE t-shirts.


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  • KBluetooth 0.4.1

    In 0.4 release I asked to the distributions to update they packages, some of them did and some of then not, but the best of all is that I got a lot of feedback from the packagers, and here comes the payment for that feedback :)

    With the last release I added a crash when receiving files, I gare say it was not my fault, the KBluetooth code is a mess and I can't fix it without rewrite it from scratch (thing that I'll explain hopefully in 2 days).

    Small roadmap for 0.4 version:

    • Fix file transfer jobs (speed calculation and notifications)
    • Check (and re-check again) input

    I'll try to get the above points covered in a couple of days too.

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