An extremely productive Weekend (Plasma, KWin, BlueDevil)

Is not a secret that the last few weeks (or even a month) I have been kind of unmotivated to work on KDE stuff, and that is a deal breaker to work on something you're not paid for and you do it only for the pleasure of doing it.

Though the reasons why I was unmotivated (or how I like to call it, kde-depressed) are still there, last Friday after finishing 3 important projects at work I felt again the adrenalin boost that makes me hack like crazy, no matter on what, but I have to hack on something. This is how one of my most productive weekends begun :p

The very same Friday at night I started hacking on some work stuff, nothing I can say here (because it doesn't matter at all) but I can assure you that my partners will be happy once they know :p

Saturday, I started to hack on KDE stuff and decided that instead of developing BlueDevil or Solid I was going to fix these small details that annoy me every day, and so far I fixed everything I wanted to fix:


Panel auto-expand on XRandR events (probably will go into 4.7)


Not let any window off screen on XRandR events (This will have to wait until 4.7.1)

After fixing these two bugs was time to give some love to the old BlueDevil :p


  • Bug triage, quite a trivial task but time consuming
  • Fixed bug 277878
  • Fixed bug 277451
  • Partial rewrite of kio_bluetooth (I will explain further in another post)
  • Fixed bug 245538
  • Fixed bug 253810
  • Fixed bug 277665
  • Show only "connection title" in systray if there are more than one service to connect to

That's for Saturday :p

Then today, Sunday I started the journey with some XRandR hacking, the plan to'em all is almost done and it will include a coulpe of fixes for 4.7.1 (though I'm not sure of it).

Aaand finally another bug fix of these small annoying things:

Fix notification behavior


Now time to rest, who knows if tomorrow I will continue with this adrenaline boost.