Hi there! I'm Àlex 👋

I consider myself a Hacker, I have lot’s of fun while working on different problems, not matter if they are computer based or not

I used to work a lot on free software stuff, these days though I play CTO at a startup

In this small corner of the internet I write my: findings, thoughts and musings just so I will not forget tomorrow

You can also find me in Twitter, Linkedin or Mastodoon Github

Latest Articles

Almost perfect HiDPI experience on Linux (Xorg)

In 2013 I bought a Macbook Pro 13” which came with a HiDPI display (also known as retina display). Already back then the support for a single HiDPI display was quite alright with KDE4 and a few tweaks here and there. Months later Qt5 got native HiDPI support and most applications switched from GTK2 to GTK3 and finally the outliers (chromium based apps, godot, arduino…) got support for higher DPIs as well.

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open365, let's declare war at Google and Microsoft

Open365 is a public and/or private cloud designed to compete with the likes of Google Drive or Office365 by leveraging all the best free software out there. The service is designed to scale horizontally as well as to be resilient to components crashing or going crazy. In order to achieve this we have implemented a microservice architecure that communicate using a bus (rabbitmq) plus some other tricks so we can scale using commodity hardware horizontally.

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Where have I been?

I can’t imagine anything worse than waking up every morning without any energy for going to work. The first time I heard that statement I was 17 and it made an impression on me. It made me think of how we use our limited time, which roughly is: 1/3 sleeping, 1/3 at work and 1/3 at what we call spare time. We can’t control how much we need to sleep, but we can take a stance on the other two thirds (work and spare time).

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For community free of Trolls

In light of the last comments containing insults and other attacks to members of our community I have decided to make a video blog explaining my thoughts on the issue. The video contains two separate topics: Explanation of why we can't tolerate this behavior Some ideas on the actual matter (Baloo) Please, watch the whole thing before commenting and I hope we all work together to push away the trolls in our community.

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