open365, let's declare war at Google and Microsoft

Open365 is a public and/or private cloud designed to compete with the likes of Google Drive or Office365 by leveraging all the best free software out there.

The service is designed to scale horizontally as well as to be resilient to components crashing or going crazy. In order to achieve this we have implemented a microservice architecure that communicate using a bus (rabbitmq) plus some other tricks so we can scale using commodity hardware horizontally. Nothing fancy, nothing revolutionary but it had to be done :)

Finally, we’ve integrated under the same system very well know software solutions for File sinchronization, PIM (Email, calendar,contacts…) and office.


For the last two, we re using SPICE and our HTML5/Javascript client to run those applications in the server and send only the interface to the Web browser in a really efficient way.

This is how it looks like:


The public service is in open beta so you can go to Open365 and try it out for free.

As I write this blogpost we are working hard to release all the code as free software. There is a lot to be done before we can release all the code such as: creating a simple installer, preparing documentation and accomodating the new repositories to our CI.

We expect to release everything within days, but it will be done when it is done :)