As promised, KBluetooth 0.4.2


Here comes the (hopefully) last version of KBluetooth stable branch. The change list is not very huge (only fixes) but if there is something I'm glad to have fixed is the speed calculation of the file transfers, it was so annoying for me to see the text blinking ;(


  • Fix speed calculation when receiving and sending filesI
  • Pairing request are accepted also when clicking on Trust button
  • Important dialogs are modal, so they're not hidden by other applications
  • Fix a crash that happens when the sender device disconnects before the file transfer is accepted

A small note, the Modals will be removed in the next version, this is a bug fix release so the less code I change, the better.

Today I'll start to work on 0.5 more intensively, starting by adding a2dp support.

KBluetooth file transfer

See you!

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