Bits of Platform11

Tomorrow we will be all leaving towards our respective homes and platform11 will be formally done, though the work is far to be finished. In this blogspot I'm not going to talk about that though :p

I'm going to talk about how important these events are beyond the technical expects and what I'm going to say applies to my experience in this sprint.

  • You can "Put faces" to people, you're no longer talking to "dfaure" or "apachelloger" or... you're talking to a person, you know how they're and more or less how they think, and that makes the communication much more efficient.
  • Brotherhood is enhanced, after don't let anyone sleep because there are 3 people in a "snoring championship" you get some confidence with the group :p this improve the way we work.
  • Knowledge is transfered: Do you know the reason why KToolInvocation is using KLaunch to execute apps and at the same time KLaunch is using kdeinit ? I didn't know before a dinosaur told me the reason :p
  • Unify positions: During this sprint I've seen people saying NO! to something end up by saying yes, the amount of things that can be discussed in person are way bigger than via email or irc.
  • Fast integration feel for newcomers: People that have been contributing into KDE for month's or even years started the sprint saying: You have to... When you... and end up saying: We have to... When we...

So, to sump up:

Sprints are NOT only about core, are also about People and because of that, they're extremely important for the health of KDE.

Thanks you all that make possible to organize such events, and particularly thanks for Joining the game!