BlueDevil 1.0.7, 1.1.4, 1.2.3 and 1.3-rc2 bug fixing frenezy !

Finally I have had the energy and the time to hunt the damn crashes that have been affecting BlueDevil since the beginning, fixing them has been relatively easy, be able to reproduce them instead has been quite time exhausting.

Once I fixed all those damn crashes I proceeded to do bug triage and managed to fix all of the confirmed bugs, or said in another way BlueDevil is virtually bug free bug list :)

There are still a couple of bugs with iPhones, but I will need one of those to be able to confirm and fix the issues. Any donation?

The changelog looks as follow:

Fixes for 1.0.7, 1.1.4, 1.2.3 and 1.3-rc2

  • BUG: 298633 // Crash in kded daemon (ObexFtp module)
  • BUG: 279911 // Crash after receiving a file
  • BUG: 297785 //Not confirmed if it is fixed
  • Updated pin databse for more automatic experience

Fixes for 1.1.4. 1.2.3 and 1.3-rc2

  • BUG: 286466 // Be able to pair WiiMotes (needs BlueZ 4.96)
  • BUG: 276911 // Pairing Keyboards with SSPairing (Bluetooth 2.2)
  • BUG: 291708 // Now we show again the small overlay icon

Fixes only for 1.3-rc2

  • BUG: 284052 // Nasty crash every time adapter is unplugged

Now I can proceed and create new bugs by continuing with BlueDevil 2.0 and Screen Management.

libbluedevil 1.9.2
md5sum: b492db1825b239e5185c543badb21c26
sha256sum: 00d56fc671fecda1e60aa8231ba167f11002148098d6510df0a409d19e840d59

bluedevil 1.0.7
md5sum: 27e48595679bac72f6ea0d1f496ce524
sha256sum: 2294f921de0a2920dbfe8b3f824abd8b7d468da71a8bce5e4575be311bc0af65

bluedevil 1.1.4
md5sum: b485e0a710146536362cd607bcc3a418
sha256sum: c0bab0d6a505dbe96d3f6acaad8bdf4aea4de84c342e0e6e59b47e0d5bcba6d6

bluedevil 1.2.3
md5sum: e792576d34956d27cd0c3eb3c81a5923
sha256sum: 7744e0544d27960f21073cf4b48ba865162a2643b7e33f7f21fff43705b4e624

bluedevil 1.3-rc2
md5sum: 20452c528ab04c0551f3d8bfc5075c4b
sha256sum: db6735d5a66634ce5d761c70df4ad7c4f39295ac4a6f9b59bcc25777dc720dd5

Cheers !