BlueDevil 1.0rc2 released

Hi there

As promised, we have released a new RC of BlueDevil.


  • Removed BlueZ documentation to avoid licence problems
  • Build system fixes by George Kiagiadakis and Kishore Jonnalagadda
  • Improved the stability of the kio_obexftp (the / bugs has been fixed too).
  • Fixed a crash in the KCM
  • Fixed crash in the "reception of files".


Take a look at the error list in: KDE Bugtrack

Also, this release is not ready to work on i18n, it is expected in RC3 or 4


The tarbal can be found here with md5: 9af87be2eeffe3b203a06232ef55bfb9

And git tag: git clone git://; git checkout v1.0-rc2

Please, test BlueDevil as much as possible so we can fix the majority of the bugs before the final release.

Next release: 2010/08/11 (next week).