BlueDevil 1.0rc3 released

This release has been delayed 1 week (as you can see) because we didn't had anything to release (no commits, no fixes), sorry for that! vacations are in the middle :)


  • Huge improvement on systray application stability, should not crash anymore
  • Fixed a crash in the Wizard
  • Fixed some small bugs in the KCM


Take a look at the error list in: KDE Bugtrack

Also, this release is not ready to work on i18n, it is expected in RC4 (finally!)


The tarball can be found here with md5: 918d123aa7239fcc42a87fc3e3b418bd

And git tag: git clone git://; cd bluedevil; git checkout v1.0-rc3

Please, as always test BlueDevil as much as possible so we can fix the majority of the bugs before the final release.

Next release: 2010/08/25 (next week).


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