BlueDevil 1.0rc4 released

After a lot of work, and a lot of testing done by a lot of people the RC4 is here and we hope it will be the last one before the final release.


  • Fix a crash in the file receiver
  • Fix a crash in the KDED
  • Cleaned audio UUID's (less false positives in the wizard)
  • Added Audio Sink support in the systray application (Patch by Peter Korf)
  • some i18n work (not perfect tough)
  • A lot of work in kio_obexftp, it should be stable now, test it!


  • Some times the systray application is not updated correctly
  • kio_obexftp is stable, but some times has weird behaviours (testers needed!)
  • kio_obexftp "rename" action is not working in some cases.
  • Do not use the RC4 tag, use RC4-1 instead.


The tarball can be found here with md5: c967bce0edd20c2937db5071c7b735df

And git tag: git clone git://; cd bluedevil; git checkout v1.0-rc4-1

Help needed:

Since we hope that this will be the last Release Candidate, we need a lot of test to get the final version rock solid, so please test test and test!

Finally, a small video of what we can do with the kio's inside BlueDevil:

Download file