BlueDevil 1.1, the new SystemTray

With the 1.1 BlueDevil version, the system tray has been improved adding new features as well of revising the usability, this is the new aspect:

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="302" caption="BlueDevil 1.1 system tray"]BlueDevil 1.1 system tray[/caption]

And this is the old 1.0 system tray:

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="299" caption="BlueDevil 1.0 system tray"]BlueDevil 1.0 system tray[/caption]

A few changes can be notice here:

  • The most common actions have been placed at the top and at the bottom
  • The configuration action have been merged to just "Configure Bluetooth"
  • The list of known devices is homogenous with no separator between types
  • Active/Disable discoverable mode has been added
  • Added "Turn off" for
  • Small overlay icon indicating that at least there is one device connected
  • Tooltip (not visible at the screenshot) indicating if there is any activity

We're now quite happy with our most important interface, its usage is fast and it is feature complete, because of that no new changes are expected, though we may work on a plasmoid to replace it, but that is at least for +2 versions.

And, here it is the mandatory video:
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