[BlueDevil 1.2] kio_bluetooth configured and discovered devices

After releasing stable versions (boooring) there is nothing better than publish new features, and it gets even better when those features are between the most requested/wanted.

The feature I'm going to introduce may sound kinda useless for some people, but in all KDE software we offer different ways of doing things, so you can find which way integates better with your workflow.

In BlueDevil 1.0 and 1.1 when you use the kio_bluetooth (bluetooh:// in your browser), what it did was start a bluetooth discovery, meaning that the only devices going to appear into the file browser were those who had the visible mode activated. This behavior is totally counterproductive since you have to: wait 10 seconds until the scan ends and/or turn on the visibility in your device. Well you won't have to do this anymore.

Now the first thing that is shown in kio_bluetooth are the configured devices allowing you to quickly select one device, at the same time a discovery is perform in the background so new devices will appear when found (and not when the 10seconds scan ends).

A picture say more than thousand words:

kio_bluetooth discovered and configured devices

And now the mandatory video, watch it careful! I've put an Easter egg on it which shows about what I'm going to talk tomorrow.

Direct Link

Cya and remember, this feature is going to be available in BlueDevil 1.2, to be released in 4/6 weeks.