BlueDevil 1.3 released

Belated release announcement of the last and most stable BlueDevil release:

List of unique changes in 1.3 final:

  • 308324: Fixes crash in obexftp KDED module
  • 304785: Fixes crash in obexftp KDED module (yes, another)
  • 311152: Fixes crash in network-dun plugin when no adapter is present
  • KDED crashes
  • Do not show PANU in kiobluetooth since it is not supported
  • Use common version number in all components (correct version reporting)

As always you can download it from:
md5: 3a90e8826eb9f464084bbdafa549bf3e
sha256: 6dd3cca20da3ab89af1514717b969cf6d549ead4cd4f3b1f7b23ffe7e5d282e3

Hope you enjoy it !