BlueDevil (stable) testing needed

Hi there

Since we released 1.0, we've been working hard to stabilize BlueDevil as much as possible and after fixing a bunch of bugs in kio_obexftp, now it's turn for the wizard.

This is the changelog:

  • Added support for Bluetooth 2.1 (SSP pairing)
  • Do not pair devices that don't need it
  • Better automatic mode (Updated PIN database)
  • Randomized the default PIN
  • Random PIN of 6 characters, shrink if needed (depending on device)
  • Improved the flow for lot of devices

As you can see, there are plenty changes for a minor release and that's why we need some testing before release BlueDevil 1.0.2

This is already packaged in OpenSuse KDE:Unstable:Playground and to build it from the source you have to:

git clone git://
cd bluedevil
git checkout stable
cmake ./ -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr (well this depends on your installation)
make -j3 install (you will probably need root for this).


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