BlueDevil, the new KDE bluetooth stack is here

We're proud to announce the first release of BlueDevil, the new bluetooth stack for KDE SC.


BlueDevil is a set of components, which integrates bluetooth within the KDE SC, for example adding a system preference module (KCM), or allowing to browse the files in a cell phone from you favorite file browser.

The list of already implemented components is:

  • System preference module (KCM) to configure all the options regarding Bluetooth (also fully activate/deactivate it)
  • Integration with the KDE input/output system (KIO), which allows to discover and explore all bluetooth devices around from your favorite file browser
  • A wizard to pair your devices, and connect directly to the compatible services, such input (mouse, keybaord, Wiimote) and audio (headsets, phones)
  • Systray application integrated with the last KDE SC 4.5, from where all BlueDevil actions can be done (disconnect devices, send files, configure...)
  • Daemon to listen incoming petitions, for example to receive files, or to introduce a requested PIN.


  • bluez (to get it working)
  • obex-data-server (for receiving files, and KIO's)
  • obexd-client (for sending files)
  • KDE SC 4.4 or greater
  • PulseAudio, or a proper configured Alsa (with the bluetooth hook)


  • When using kio_obexftp in dolphin on a KDE SC 4.4, some times it won't load the content because more than one kio is launched at the same time and it is not supported by the backend (Tip: Disable the previews or use konqueror)
  • In KDE 4.5 SC, some times when a device is removed, the systray is not correctly updated (Seems to be a bug in QDBusMenu)
  • When trying to open a file from a bluetooth device, the progress gets stucked at 99%

Target Audience:

This release should be stable enough to be used by everybody, but we're looking specially for advanced users with "compiling skills" so we can get quick feedback and fix as many bugs as possible. if you are Interested send an email to Àlex (at) ufocoders dot com.


Currently BlueDevil is not ready to be translated (the strings are not final), and we're looking for native English speakers who can help us with the strings, interested people send an email to Àlex {at)

Special thanks to (in no particular order):

  • BlueZ developers and community for their help during the development (and patience)
  • David Faure for his help during the development and infinite patience talking about KIO's
  • To ufocoders for sponsor half of the development

Obtaining the code:

To get the tag:

git clone git://; git checkout v1.0-rc1

In the next release we'll provide the proper tarball.