Display Configuration in KDE-Workspace 4.7.1

In my way home from work, talking with ereslibre we concluded that would be awesome if I could fix the current "KRandR" code before starting to work on new one. With the "adrenaline boost" still in my blood I sat down and started to work on it.

After a few days of working, I'm pleased to announce that for KDE-Workspace 4.7.1 the "Screen/Display/Whatever configuration" has been hugely improve, all bug fix though but now it even seems to work!

The bugs I've fixed are hard to explain with words but I'm going to try anyway:


  • Won't react on external changes (won't force its configuration)
  • Will update the menu (If you remove the VGA cable, VGA won't appear)
  • Will show disconnected outputs as disconnected in the popup)
Configuration Dialog (KCM):
  • "Unify Output" option has been added (aka you will get always the expected behavior)
  • Preview/Options will update on external changes
Maybe I 'm forgetting something... but more or less that's it.
And like almost always, the mandatory video explaining the bug fixes, comparing KDE Workspace 4.6.5 and 4.7.1:

Direct Link

I hope you like it, and stay tuned if you're interested on "XRandR" support, because more is to come.