First version of Kamoso 2.0 (Velázquez) released

After few months of work, we're glad to announce the availability of Kamoso 2.0-alpha2.

Despite of being an alpha version, it has demostrated to perform quite stable in all the test we did during the alpha1 (this was a private release), in fact judging by the feedback we got

this version is way more stable than 1.0.5, so give it a try!


  • Kamoso now uses QtGstreamer
  • Improvements in the interface (by Andrew Lake)
  • New semaphore
  • Make "action" non hidden features by adding a new button to "share".
  • Added "share" button to improve feature discoverability.?
  • Better Nepomuk integration
  • No more audio/video synchronitation problems.


  • Crash when switching from "Record Video" to "Photo" mode (some times)

Test needed:

  • We need test in different environments with different webcams.
  • Take picture and then upload it to Facebook.
  • Record a video, and then upload it to Youtube

With this version we're confident of the quality and future that Kamoso can achieve, because of that when 2.0-final is released, we will move Kamoso to kdereview, and if accepted to extragear/multimedia.

Source Tarball can be downloaded at:

Direct Link

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