Freedesktop Summit

A few days back I attended the first freedesktop summit/sprint where a few hackers from different free desktops met with the objective of working together. We were people from Razord-qt, GNOME, Unity and of course KDE.

Even though we did not had the chance to discuss all the topics I was specially interested in like Notifications or Session Inhibition I did had the chance to get involved in other topics that are equally interesting like the shared Desktop Files cache or the "Trash size cache" that will enable a cross desktop way of caching the size of the Trash folder getting better performance across desktops.

The social part of these kind of events is important as well, even though I already knew Ryan and David a week of working together makes the collaboration more smooth, and of course I also met new people as well like Lars, or Jeft.

I'm quite happy to have pushed together with Ryan this event, we definitively moved forward the collaboration between desktops and even though freedesktop is still far from being perfect I do believe we did a step into the right direction.

Can't wait for the next Fd.o Summit.