Fulfilling promises, Apple Wireless Keyboard working with KBluetooth

Hi fellow users and developers, sooner than I thought, I have more things to share with you about KBluetooth, so let's go :)

Happens that month's ago Apol lent me his Apple Wireless Keyboard so I can give support to it in KBluetooth. After small research I concluded that the keyboard wasn't standard, so I just pull it over. Then, a few days ago, Ereslibre was playing with a Gnome and I decided to try to pair the Apple keyboard using the Gnome Bluetooth System, and guess what... it worked !

So, today, I decided do not go to sleep until I got it working, and here I am, 03:12 and writting this entry with that keyboard :)

This feature, should fix the keyboard pairing completely, not matter if your keyboard is the Apple one or not.

This feature will be available in the next version (0.5) together with a new Wizard and maybe a new (or at least improved) device manager.

If you can test your "non-working" keyboard with the trunk version and give me some feedback, I'll be very appreciated :)

Cya and Happy Hacking!

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