I'm not dead, just working

Hi there

I have been quite busy these days, between Akademy and everything. So thought about writing a small blog entry with the status of the projects where I'm involved:


I'm sorry guys to announce it in that way, but KBluetooth is almost dead. I'll release a new version (0.5) trying to fix all the crashes we're having, and it will be everything from my part. I hope to release that version withing this week.


We have ported kamoso to vlc1.1 (you can get the code from the proper branch), and it is working quite well. I'd like to release a new (last) stable version which won't crash when the application is closed. After it we'll concentrate our efforts in stabilizing the new code, getting it too work perfect with vlc 1.1.1.


I did almost nothing for 4.5, but I'm planning to do some maintainer work for 4.6, closing bugs (yees! the pepperoni bug too), and I'll try to remove the "blinking", but I don't know how (yet) :p


Well, tonight (in 8/10 hours) you'll have news about this one :)


Yay! I'm planning to join the group of crazy developers that works on NetworkManager+KDE, the first task I'll try to accomplish is the removal of Solid::Control, for now, I'm reading code code and more code, and I'll do that until I'm able to paint a "virtual map" of what is currently implemented. I don't have a date for that.

See you in 8/10 hours with a surprise (a known one :p)