Improving KDE Applications Help menu "Actions Lookup"

Today I have been working on a small Proof of Concept which intents to demostrate that improve the Help menu by adding an "Actions Lookup" is possible. 

At the moment this is not a planned feature, so is not going to be in KDE Platform 4.6 or even not in 4.7. If the overall feedback I get during the next days is positive I will start a brainstorming (in kde-usability I guess?) to design the feature and try to implement it for 4.7.
Direct Link

Some ideas I have in my mind:
  • Be able to use it as we use KRunner (shortcut + write text + enter)
  • Something to show where the action is (so the user can learn the app)
  • Search within the Handbook
  • Online search?
What do you think? would be useful have something like that in our platform?


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