Joining the Blue

I planned to announce this when it happened but got stuck with travels and work so it got delayed a bit (2 months :p).

I'm glad to say that I will be sponsored by Blue Systems to work on various parts of the Workspace, so far we have defined two areas of work:

  • Improve transparent file browsing (KIO) and make it available to all applications.
  • Improve web and online services integration into the Workspace, by adding a single point of configuration.

In these two months I have been working already on those areas making the first releases that will be included in the  upcoming netrunner version (4.2 Dryland SE). Both releases are designed to be a first stone of a much complete solution on which I will be working on at least  for the following 6 months.

For those of you who may be wondering, this changes nothing regarding my other KDE implications, I'm going to continue working on BlueDevil (bluetooth) and libsolid and other projects I'm cooking while others sleep :p

Let's keep rocking !