Kamoso is alive!

After months of being almost a dead-zombie project now the Kamoso development has been resumed, we can say that it is in better shape than ever! Motivated by the QtGstreamer project, Aleix and I decided to port Kamoso to it and see how it goes (it has been the perfect excuse to revive the project). So far we didn't regret the change. Besides the technology switch (we we're kind of ok with libvlc), the change has given to us new forces to work on the project, let's see what we've got so far:

Current features:
  • Take pictures
  • Upload pictures to facebook (kipi plugins export interface)
  • Record video
  • Upload videos to youtube
  • Burst mode
  • Smoother thumbnails view
  • Fancy overlay icons to indicate what files are being uploaded
Work in progress:
  • Add some logic to decide what microphone to use (depending on platform).
  • Facebook video support
  • Choose webcam
  • Twitpic support
The application is quite stable right now, so we're open for feedback, to compile it you have to:

1-Have gstreamer installed (base and good plugins are needed)
3-Get Kamoso sources from git.kde.org:kamoso

Well make a release shortly, for the waiting here comes a Kamoso2 funny video:

The video's recorded in the screencast are uploaded Ereslibre Sexy and Ereslibre Monkey.

Cya and Happy Hacking!