Kbluetooth 0.4 is here!

Months ago, I started to take care of a forgotten piece of KDE, kde-bluetooth. After a lot of work and an almost clean the bugtrack of bugs, I'm proud to announce KBluetooth 0.4!

These are the highlights:

  • The official name is now "KBluetooth".
  • A lot of crashes have been fixed, KBluetooth should not crash now.
  • File transfer (send/receive) reported to work for everybody with any kind of device.
  • Improved the input pairing (Almost all devices working).
  • Huge improvements in the UI.

Known problems:

  • The speed in notifications is not accurate nor working right

Notes for packagers:

  • Since the first RC, I only had fixed BUGS, and almost every commit since then contains an atomic fix, so please upgrade to the 0.4 final or apply the patches yourself, but do not get stuck in the previous RC's, doing that you'll waste the time of your bugtracker people, as well of kde bugtracker crew and mine.
  • A tag has been created in tags/kbluetooth/0.4

Note for users:

  • Ask to your distribution for the final 0.4 version of KBluetooth, the only and original one :)!

In the next days, I'll write a series of entries about KBluetooth, the list is not final tough:

  • Review of KBluetooth 0.4
  • Collaborate with KBluetooth (Developers and users)
  • Short term future, KBluetooth 0.5
  • KDE+Bluetooth future