KDE Multimedia Sprint Days 2, 3, 4 and 5

Day 2: Trip to Zermatt

This day was marked by the trip to Zermatt but not by the outward journey but by the return one which I did (as the major part of the people) walking. We went through the forest crossing 2 rivers (well, jumping 2 rivers xD) and of course, talking about software, akademy, politics etc. By the night, a mysterious KHTML crash produced by gcc appeared in my laptop sadly I lost all the hacking time figuring out that gcc was the problem :(

Day 3: Kamoso meets j-b (aka vlc man)

I don't remember exactly when we introduced Kamoso to j-b, but I do remember that I got stunned because seems that we did it quite well (the usage of libvlc and libvlccore). After a couple of minutes we fixed like 3 kamoso bugs (thanks to j-b).

We can say that since them Kamoso is on the road again :)

Day 4 and 5: Kamoso hacking and rediscovering vlc

In the following days I concentrated all my efforts in 2 topics: port kamoso to vlc 1.1 and stabilization. The port was rather straight, I got the basic features (display and get pictures) working without many problems. Then once I had the base working with vlc 1.1 I started to fix crashes, I was able to smash all of them but one, anyway that one is fixed now (Thanks to the vlc people).

Additionally, to fix some bugs I needed the help of the vlc community, j-b pointed me to the guy we had to talk with to fix some problems we had with the audio recording, there was where I realized the healthy community that is behind vlc, which is not only a good project but it is also a good community