Kopete hacking session #1

Hi everybody!

Two days ago at morning, I was very bored I don't remember exactly why, so I decided to hack a bit on Kopete, which is imho the KDE application which needs more love. I was wondering what I can add to it and after a few ideas I decided to implement the idea apol gave to me some days ago, be able to take pictures from the webcam, and set it as an avatar.

Well, this is the result after 1 hour of work (It was only 1h mainly because of kdevelop, it rocks!):

You can download the video from here

The first patch to implement it is waiting for review at: http://reviewboard.kde.org/r/1532/ Once it has been accepted I'll submit the big one. I'm open for more ideas like that,I've no time to implement big features in software that I'm not completely involved with, but I can do things like this.

I hope you like it and please, drop a comment or send me an email if you have more small ideas!