KScreen 0.1-alpha released !

We are really glad to announce the first release of KScreen, the new way of managing screens in Plasma Desktop !

This release comes with two main components, the System Settings module which will let you configure and arrange your screens in any way you desire, and the KDED module which will remember and restore configurations whenever it is needed.

We have decided to release now since we have fixed pretty much all the bugs reported by our early adopters (special thanks and hugs to them) so we feel that it is about time we let power users test it so we can fix any bug that may still exists.

The System Settings module:

KScreen System Settings module from Àlex Fiestas on Vimeo.


The KDED (magic) Module:

New KDE Screen Management from Àlex Fiestas on Vimeo.

You can download tarballs from:



We asked packagers to fill this wiki page with instructions of how to install KScreen in their distributions, so far only Kubuntu and Arch did it :/ so ask your distribution to create packages for it !