KTuberling small contribution

Hi again!

Seems that was yesterday when I wrote my last post, but the truth is that almost 1 month has passed sorry for that :( Despite not being posting with regularity I have been working hard on KDE, mainly focused on Kamoso/KBluetooth and researching something that might become my third KDE contribution/project.

Well, the next week I'll take a break of all my duties (work/kde/free software) and I'll travel to Paris at my brother's home, I hope that will be there where I'll find more time to post on the blog.

Focusing on the Title's topic, today I have been working on a small contribution I have been promising to Albert Astals (aacid) for something like... 2 years? If I remember correctly was in Akademy-es 2007 when I said to him that I would implement it. The feature is really small but it has allowed me to investigate deeper the model/view framework which I have to say is really hot!

Well that's all at the moment! screencast and bye!

Download the video here

**The design is not final and is not committed yet.