Looking forward to 2012

I'm sure 2012 is going to be an amazing year for Free Software and of course for the KDE community, a lot is happening within our community and we have just started the year ! Just to mention a few from the top of my mind: Calligra getting closer, Plasma Active2, 4.8 release, Frameworks 5, OwnCloud 3, Spark... I can go on for a while :) As every six month or so, here is the list of what I'm planing to work on:

  • AppMenu KRunner (you will see it tomorrow)
  • Finish new RandR supoprt 
  • libsolid in Frameworks5
  • BlueDevil 3.0
  • Kamoso-QML
  • Community work on Solid
  • Community work on KDE-España

I hope to get all finished before Akademy-2012 and with a little bit of luck be able to work on more stuff. I promise, next post will be my "usual" post with pictures and videos :P!