Meego Conference, day 1

As you may guess, I'm in Ireland like a lot of other hackers attending the MeeGo conference. I've been here since Saturday and so far I love the city and the people in here, lovely place.

Today (Monday 15) has been the first day of the conference and it has been great, good organization and a good general mood provoked by a mix of "enthusiasm and desire change things". Maybe the worst part of the day has been discovering how little bit people know about us (KDE), many people know more or less what we are (A Desktop), but nothing solid, even some of them got surprised when I told them that the entire KDE SC is made by using Qt, definitely we've room for improvement in spreading our community and our software.

As a final note, today I've got a N900 from Nokia (Thanks!), can't wait to hack on it and try to run Kamoso in there, would be awesome, wouldn't it?

Time to sleep, cyap!