I don't like why, but I'm the new maintainer of KTuberling

As everybody should know by now, tsdgeos is moving to another city (Dublin) and of course is getting a new job. Is because of this job that Albert is not able to continue with his collaboration with anything that have to be with games. Life sometimes has this unintended consequences :/

So well, as you know, I created a patch some month/weeks ago which adds a small feature to KTuberling (will be available in kde 4.5). Since I like the code, and I'm a "friend? :p" of tsdgeos I proposed myself to Albert to continue with KTuberling at least until he can go back to his *games* duties :p

So, this is my roadmap for KTuberling in KDE SC (KSC?, I don't like the new branding sorry ._.) 4.5:

1. Support to switch between playgrounds using easier way
2. Possibility to export the playground in some simple web 2.0 service
3. Add Get Hot New Stuff  (in discussion)

If you have any ideas please, drop a bug to bugs.kde.org so we can evaluate it.