Quick status update:

Hey! long time no see :)

I have been moving from Madrid to BCN, cities which are around 650km away and that is keeping me busy because I can't neglect work time for doing it and even if I could the process put pressure into your head so you spend more time procrastinating than before. Nevertheless the moving is almost complete and I'm going to be using more and more time in KDE.

In what I'm going to use my KDE time:


  • Finish 1.3 release
  • Bug triage, fix'em all
  • Fix a known bug in Wizard
  • Setup an environment where I can work with latest camerabin2
  • Finish Kamoso port to camerabin2
  • Make sure that MTP devices work well in KDE
  • This may include write a MTP kio
Screen Management:
  • Finally start to push code into a scratch repo
  • Having something functional by 4.8 release
I think I'm going to focus in the latest (Screen Management) because is the one most people is waiting for and I've failed to deliver in a reasonable time.
This is it for now, see you!