Respect me and my freedom

In my way to work I have been thinking in something that happened the other day, I was showing/explaining to a coworker some mobile applications made with web technologies and discussing about Android/MeeGo/iPhone development. After a few minutes of good conversation the next chat happened:

coworker: Maybe we can even create a Windows Phone application
me: I'm not going to install nor use Windows  and even less I'm going to write an application for Windows Phone.
coworker: C'mon  you should not be that radical
me: Excuses for being a radical

So, after thinking about this chat with a cold mind, I started to wonder the little respect that people have for others with different values, for example I know people that thinks that being a Vegetarian is stupid and foolish, or that everybody who have a religion is dumb. This issue is no different.

I can't do anything for those with closed minds, for those who currently don't respect anything beyond their values and beliefs but I can tell something to everybody else:

If you won't force a vegetarian to eat meat, if you won't force a Muslim to eat pork, if you won't force others to do what you do, please don't force me to use private software.

I (L) Freedom
I (L) My Computer Freedom.


Be happy.