Resuming my adventure in KDE


Is time to resume my adventure in the lands of KDE, I had to stop it because of work, I'm creating a new business together with ereslibre and edulix and we are kind of busy.

Returning to the topic, in this second part of the adventure I'm not going to change my focus, so I'll continue hacking on kbluetooth, kamoso and ktuberling.

Here comes a small todo list I'll try to accomplish:

  • Finish 0.4 release of KBluetooth (2 crashes to be fixed)
  • Release KBluetooth 0.5 (I'll talk about it in a other blog post).
  • Post at least once a week.
  • Start to develop the new Bluetooth solution for KDE.
  • Finish KTuberling easy switch.
  • Kamoso++
  • KTuberling++

Something I'd like to hack on is the xrandr support, but I don't want to open more fronts not until at least I have kio_bluetooth working.

And well, this is all! I hope to blog in a few days announcing KBluetooth 0.4

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