Smart Folders in KDE Workspace

So, a few days ago I was talking with an apple fanboy friend of mine who used to be KDE user before being abducted by the i* family of products (he started with an iPhone, he ended with i*Everything...). Anyway he is still using KDE from time to time so I asked him what is the feature he misses most when he is using KDE, the answer as you may gest was "Smart Folders".

According to Apple a smart folder is:

With Smart Folders, you can organize files by what they have in common, instead of by their location on your disk. Because they use Spotlight, Smart Folders can organize files by their contents, as well by attributes that describe those contents and how they were created. For example, you can create one Smart Folder with all your spreadsheets, another with the documents you modified today, and another with the presentations that mention a specific project.

Well, you know what? we already have this and we've had this for a few releases, let me show you proof:

Direct Link

And as an extra:

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So as you can see we're only lacking a few GUI pieces to complete the puzzle, any takers? would be awesome to have this for 4.8 don't you think?