Solid Sprint day 1, go!

So, almost everybody is here finally (Albert will come tomorrow Saturday), and it has been a very profitable day. We have finished the "boring" stuff like discussing who we are (We're the Solid team now! be aware of that :p), discussing how we can improve the upstream communication (driver developers, blueZ, u*disk/power etc) and stuff like that.

After it, we've done some hacking (not a lot in my case), but we managed to get Bluetooth-DUN and Bluetooth-NAP working, and we did it in like 5minutes... is what Sprints are about, right? :) put Lamarque (modemmanager) and bluedevil developers together and you will get Bluetooth+Networking working :p

Now, going to sleep since the hacking will be resumed in a few hours.


Todo wall-list: