What a small thing. what a great improvement (configure your font settings)

Hi there! no, this post is not about Kbluetooth nor KTuberling or any development/technical stuff, is more a user-like post, so common! keep reading this time :)

A few days ago, I was in the office with ereslibre showing something to him (I don't remember what), when he noticed something in my desktop that he didn't liked, my fonts. I laughed quite a lot because I thought that it was a "Yet Another Small Detail That Ereslibre Cares Of". I let him modify my settings so I could say later to him: you see? this thing has not improved my user experience in any way. But as you probably guessed by now, I was terribly wrong.

What's more, now I'm pushing everybody I know which uses KDE to setup the same configuration I have. I don't really know what the hell the parameters I modify means, but what I know is that now I'm happier with my desktop.

The famous settings are:

  • Font: Dejavu Sans
  • Use anti-aliasing: Enabled
  • (Click on configure)
  • Use sub-pixel rendering: RGB
  • Hinting style: Slight

In screenshots (so you can extrapolate it to your language):

Set the font and enable the anti-aliasing:

Fonts settings 1

Click on configure and set the subpixel rendering:

Fonts settings 2

Set the hinting styke:

Fonts settings 3

The last KDE user I "moved" to these settings has needed 1 day to notice the changes, so just do it and wait :)

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