What is Kamoso

A lot of people has been asking me (or complaining) what is Kamoso and what we intend to do with it, so I've decided to use a blog post to explain it.

Short Description:
Kamoso is an application for taking Pictures and Videos using any webcam.

Long Description:
Kamoso is an application between two worlds, "Multimedia" and "Toys". While its main propose may be seen as just "Take Pictures" and "Take Videos", our plan goes beyond that: we are planning to add a bunch of effects that will allow to the user to play with the webcam, we want it to be fun, in the end. All of these is followed by a tightly integration with the Web 2.0, by adding export features to the most common Web 2.0 services, such YouTube, Facebook, twitpic...

Current 2.0 (aka Velázquez):
  • Make Kamoso rock solid
  • We moved to QtGStreamer (part of the last point)
  • Improve interface usability
3.0 (Future):

  • Effects: investigate what GStreamer offers and try to get the best out of it
  • Simplify Web 2.0 integration: make it easier to add support for new services
  • Interface candy: make the interface more appealing to the eye, properly integrate the effects


[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="Kamoso 1"][/caption]


Small review of Kamoso 2.0
Pre 2.0

Help needed:

  • Semaphore designs (What happens from when you click at the shot button, and when the picture is actually taken)
  • Mockups, ideas, whatever!