Workspaces gain MTP support

For those who don't know MTP stands for "Media Transfer Protocol", having support for it has become really important because since Android 4.0 it is a requirement in order to manage files in any Android device, even though MTP has been here for years and other products offer support for it lilke the Nokia N9.

In order to have MTP support we needed a "kio-slave", which has been developed by Philipp Schmidt, and then modify some parts of our workspaces (dolphin, kdelibs and notifier) to integrate the MTP devices as if they were just regular massive storage (pen drives).

As usual, small screencast showing how well it works:

Vimeo link

Direct link

How to install?
To have basic support for MTP you have to install "kio-mtp", executing the following:

git clone
mkdir kio-mtp/build
cd kio-mtp/build
make install

Or simply ask your distribution to package it :)

As for the Workspaces integration, I expect to get the patches in for 4.9.2 and 4.10

Cheers !