In Paris until 02/11/2009

As maybe you have noticed I'm kinda offline these days, this is because I'm in Paris in some sort of holidays. While I'm here my internet/code hours will be reduced to the mornings, from 10:00 to 14:00 (local hour), I'm using the rest of the day for walking trough those beautiful streets. Well, this is it at the moment, tomorrow I'll announce something in this blog, something that lot of people has been waiting for :p

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Up and running again.

Hi everyone! After a few days of "non-computer" I'm back with the batteries charged at 100% :) and with a small list of things to be done in the next days. This is the list: Reach kamoso 1.0 version (I hope in 1week max): Kamoso is the codename for a project I'm doing with Aleix pol (apol) and in theory with ereslibre (he's kinda offline), is a Photobooth/Cheese clone, written in Qt/C++.

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Ok so, here we go!

My name is Alejandro Fiestas, and I have a problem... I'm a addicted to the free software. People could ask, why? what the software libre give to you? I'm not sure but I've some theories :) The software libre gives to me the motivation I need to jump of the bed each morning thinking: come on Àlex! you've code to write! or come on Àlex, you've a community to help, to talk with, to work with!

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